April 29, 2011

May 2011 - Monthly Meal Planning

It is time, once again, to plan the meals for the month. I have learned a lot about menu planning over the last year.  Originally, I would attempt to figure out 30 separate meals.  This was agonizing {painfully agonizing}. I would plead with the Hubs to provide me with at least two meals to help me out.  He’d usually list out recipes I already had on my list….um, thanks. Then, I borrowed a book about freezer meals and read it cover to cover before I went back to work after maternity leave. The full freezer meal concept worked the first month… but not the second.  It just wasn’t my thing.  I did NOT enjoy spending ALL DAY in the freaking kitchen making tons of meals and having my house reek of pounds of boiled chicken {yuk!}. But, what I learned from the book is that I no longer have to figure out 30 individual meals… I only have to plan 15 and then double to recipe.  So, if I am making lasagna, I double the recipe… eat one fresh and freeze the other. Volia! People, I am one {tiny} step closer to sanity due to this revelation!!  Here is my menu for the month of May {can I get an AMEN for grilling season!}. In no particular order, here are the meals for the month of May:

Grilled Pork Chops {I just season with Lemon Pepper/Seasoned Salt}, Asparagus and Fresh Bread
Steak Fajitas, Spanish Rice and Black Beans
Grilled Chicken Salad with Feta, Fresh Corn and Blueberries {'m a sucker for Feta} and Fresh Bread
Grilled Chicken {again, I use Lemon Pepper/Seasoned Salt} and Roasted Vegetables

Okay, so I only have 12 items {or 24 meals} this month...but I am banking on dinner out for Mother's Day and lots of leftovers {thank GOD the Hubs likes leftovers!}.