November 27, 2011

Mom’s Dinner Club

If you scroll through some older posts on my blog, you will see that I previously had time (energy, patience) to make monthly menus. Honest to God the monthly menus were awesome!! I always knew what we were having for dinner and it definitely helped our budget….

But then, I skipped a month. And another. And another. This has resulted in lots of dinning out and splurges at the grocery store. It’s been terrible for the waistline and the pocket book.

I’m not sure I want to go back to spending a few hours a month researching recipes. I'd rather spend my time elsewhere (hello, sweet baby and Hubs). I will if I must, but I’m hoping that “you” will help me out….

I am looking for a few ladies to join in a dinner (recipe sharing) club. The sole purpose of the club would be for each person to contribute to the creation of a monthly menu. At the end of each month, each person submits recipes for a dinner. If we have two people in the “club”, then each person will have 15 meals to plan.  If we have 5, then each person only has to plan 6. How kick-ass would that be?! I would LOVE to only plan 6 meals a month.

We are not talking about gourmet meals. This wouldn’t be about who finds the best recipes to share. This is ALL about sharing easy and healthy meals that the average busy mom can handle.

Who is interested???  Email me at or leave a comment!